Sea Turtle Facts for Kids


Sea Turtle Facts for Kids – Discover the Ancient Creatures Learn about sea turtles In the following article you can read about some interesting sea turtle facts for kids. Enjoy! What are sea turtles? Turtles living in ocean are known as sea turtles. Sea turtles are considered as one of … Continue reading

Loggerhead Sea Turtle


The loggerhead sea turtle is commonly found in U.S. waters. However, due to pollution and developments in their habitats, the species became a part of the threatened or endangered list and with continued relief efforts, hopefully, it can be taken off this list.   The loggerhead sea turtle is one … Continue reading

Turtles…Some basic information

sea turtle

Some basic info about turtles.  Quiet, calm, and slow-moving animals. Turtles are reptiles belonging to the order of Testudines. Together with lizards, tuatara, snakes and crocodilians, they form the class of reptiles. Turtle body is shielded by a special bony shield developed from their ribs. Turtle can not walk out … Continue reading