Sea Turtle Facts for Kids

Sea Turtle Facts for Kids – Discover the Ancient Creatures

Learn about sea turtles

In the following article you can read about some interesting sea turtle facts for kids. Enjoy!

What are sea turtles?

Turtles living in ocean are known as sea turtles. Sea turtles are considered as one of the ancient creatures of the earth. There existence on earth has been since 110 million years ago.

sea turtle facts for kids

Sea Turtle

Where do sea turtles live?

There are various kinds of sea turtle which are found in every ocean of the world except in Artic Ocean because it’s too cold for the turtles to live in it. Sea turtles are found in shallow coastal area like bays and lagoons and they prefer warmer seas.


How sea turtles differ from land turtles?

Sea turtles have flippers instead of legs and shells streamlined for better swimming. Sea turtles are great swimmers and can stay underwater for 5 hours. Sea turtles cannot retract their heads or flippers. That means they are vulnerable from predator attacks.


What do sea turtles eat?

The diet of the sea turtles depends on the species but most commonly eaten diet include seaweeds, jellyfish, shrimp, snails, mollusks, crabs, algae and sponges.


Sea turtle facts for kids:


  • At the time of birth the sea turtle are only of 5 cm long but grows up to the size of 1.5 meters in length.
  • Sea turles live up to 80 years or even more.Kids sea turtle facts
  • The largest hard-shell sea turtles are weighing over 300kgs (700 lbs).
  • The shell of the turtle is called the carapace which is streamlined for the purpose of swimming in water.
  • Their colors differ according to their species like greenish, black and yellow.
  • Green turtle can be underwater for five hours even when the feeding time of these sea turtle is only of five minutes.
  • They conserve oxygen with the process of slowing their heartbeat which can take nine minutes between two consecutive heartbeats.
  • One of the interesting sea turtle facts for kids is that sea turtles migrates for very long distances which can be around 1400 miles between the beaches they live and the feeding ground.


Sea turtles species

Sea turtles are reptile which means they have scaly skin, lays eggs and breathe air. They are cold blooded animal.

The species of sea turtles are of seven types:

  1. Leatherback sea turtle
  2. Hawksbill sea turtle
  3. Loggerhead sea turtle
  4. Green sea turtle
  5. Flatback sea turtle
  6. Kemp’s ridley sea turtle
  7. Olive ridley sea turtle
  8. Black sea turtle is often called the eight species of the sea turtle when in fact is subspecies of the green sea turtle.



Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Baby sea turtle hatchlings

Since the sea turtle lives underwater for most part of their lives, their behavioral pattern cannot be assessed properly. The knowledge of their behavior can be gathered from that of the female sea turtle hatching observation. At the time of laying eggs, the female sea turtle comes to the shore to dig a nest in the ground with the help of their back flippers; they bury their eggs and goes back to the ocean. After hatching from the egg, a baby turtle quickly makes its way  to the ocean. A sea turtles reproduce 70-190 eggs as according to their species. The mating season is from March to October which also depends on the species.


Green sea turtle facts

The green turtle’s dorsal shell is smooth, wide and brownish and olive in color and the underneath of the shell is yellow. These turtle are called green turtles because they have a greenish hue on their skin. Green sea turtles are different from land turtles due to the fact that their head cannot be retracted back into their bodies. Their paddle like flippers and streamlined shell helps them in swimming quickly with grace with a speed of about 56 km/h (35 mph).


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