Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Even though the Hawksbill Sea turtles are not the largest nor the smallest of turtles out there, they’re certainly amongst the most migratory and thus are prone to extinction due to a lack of protection laws and policies against hunting them on an international level. They’ll usually travel for thousands of miles and make their way amongst the different oceans which basically renders any laws against hunting them useless.

hawksbill sea turtle

Due to the fact that they migrate so regularly, no country can really make protecting them a priority and even if a country decides to outlaw hunting the Hawksbill turtle within its waters – the rules don’t apply past that point. The main reason why this entire species is in decline is because hunters find it easy to hunt them down in large numbers and then they sell them for a profit.

The first thing you should know about Hawksbill Sea turtles is that they have quite the history and they weren’t always on the brink of extinction – In fact, they were quite abundant all throughout the world. The bad news is that at the rate at which they’re being hunted down currently future generations might have to visit them in museums. You should know that their main characteristic is also their biggest vulnerability and that is the fact that they migrate constantly. It’s not new for organizations to try to protect this species and one of the main reasons why activity of this kind is not that successful is because there’s a general lack of awareness.

Adopt a Sea Turtle

In addition to them being hunted down at a rapid rate, they’re also affected by a number of environmental issues which tend to go unnoticed. For instance, oil spills and chemicals being poured into the ocean tend to make it hard for them to live even if they manage to avoid large predators and this is seriously disrupting the natural order of things.


Generally speaking, people have paid attention to the importance of preserving the Hawksbill Sea turtles hence more laws are drafted on an international scale. For instance, CITES made literally every type of trading of the Hawksbill Sea turtle illegal and they’re already on every major list of endangered species.

The downside is that just because laws are written on a piece of paper, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be implemented and this is certainly the case with some of the poorer countries which lack regulation. There are a number of deficiencies which stand in the way of fully being able to save this species and it’s very important that we do our best to preserve the species fully. The next decade is likely to decide whether or not the Hawksbill Sea turtle makes it.

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