Green Sea Turtle

When it comes to large sea turtles, the Green Sea turtle is one of the most distinguished ones due to its sheer size and the fact that it’s one of the largest sea turtles. It’s part of the Cheloniidae family.

grean sea turtle

The usual places which these turtles are native to tend to be around the subtropical parts of the earth due to the fact that they prefer warm temperature and need to feel heated constantly.

They’ll also spend a lot of time in shallow water as they’re incapable of producing their body temperature themselves and need the environment for that purpose. These are some of the oldest living creatures on earth and they’ve been around for even as long as dinosaurs have.

When it comes to the average size and weight, a typical Green Sea Turtle weights a bit over 100 kg (the largest recorded one weighted twice as much) and in terms of size they can grow more than a meter.

The carapace on Green Sea Turtles has some of the most beautiful colors and these turtles are constantly in need of oxygen even though they tend to spend the majority of their lifetime submerged. This is why at certain points they’ll come up to the surface level of the sea and they’ve evolved their lungs to the point where they can spend extended periods of time below water while swimming fast upwards in case they’re in need of more oxygen.

What’s interesting is that only the younger Green Sea turtles will often eat other smaller animals to survive whilst the older ones feed exclusively on plants. This makes them comparable to some land animals although not that much research has been conducted on fully grown Green Sea turtle dietary habits.

Green_Sea_Turtle_on landThe difference between male and female Green Sea turtles is that although both will spend the majority of their lifetime below water, the females will sometimes make a longer journey to shore due to the fact that they need a secure place to lay their eggs.

As soon as they develop to the point where they can be considered mature, they can migrate for hundreds if not even thousands of miles until they reach a spot they find appropriate for the purpose of laying eggs.

Males don’t usually follow them on this journey and Green Sea turtles mate once every few years. The way newborn Green Sea turtles get back to sea is instinctively when they notice the moon reflecting upon the sea.

Similarly to other turtles, they reach sexual maturity once they’re over the age of 20 and their lifespan can be very lengthy, sometimes up to 80 years.

The bad news is that they’re on the brink of extinction and they’ve already been labeled as an endangered species by a number of international organizations. They’re not only affected by hunting but environmental issues just as much. For instance, if the beaches start to erode and changes are made to the beaches where they choose to lay their eggs then it’s hard for the species to keep on reproducing.

People tend to change shorelines through urbanization and do things like plant trees or resorts where the average Green Sea turtle might be planning to lay its eggs. Severe pollution of international waters has also affected them and lead to a number of diseases.

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