Fluval FX5 Aquarium External Filter

Aquarium External Filter – Fluval FX5

Are you thinking about setting up an aquarium external filter for your turtles? Then, Fluval FX5 External Canister filter can be the best filter in quality as well as affordability. Also, the setting up task is much simpler. The flow rate capacity of the product is really big when compared to the other products available in the market. It comes with a lot of additional advanced features which makes it one of the leading aquarium external filters available today. Best used for aquariums up to 400 gallons.

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Fluval FX5 Features

Filtration Power

Fluval FX5 is suitable for huge turtle tanks having capacity up to 1500 liters. This is the maximum capacity that any aquarium external filter has till now offered. The pump output capacity is 3500 liters per hour. The area and volume features are also designed for attaining maximum efficiency. The biological and filtration volume are 5.9 and 20 liters, respectively. The mechanical area covered by the foam is 210,000 mm square area. The height of the head can reach up to a maximum of 3.3m and the water circulation rate is at 2300 liters per hour. The wattage capacity is 48 Watts.

Fluval FX5 Canister filter is suitable for both salt water and freshwater aquarium tanks. The package comes with a DVD which has the set up instructions and a set of 6 Fluval sponges. The warranty period for the filter is 3 years. The motor processes have been integrated using latest technology due to which it has multi stage functioning property. It can recirculate 2300 liters per hour due to which it is able to manage the water conditions of the tank with precision.


Filter mechanism

There is no need of siphoning the filter manually as it has a self start system which can be started instantly using the priming mechanism. Water regulation is controlled by aqua stop valves. These are designed to resist leakages and enable a fast set up. The hosing can be securely placed in the tank using the rim connector. A clog free strainer is another new feature which will help in preventing the solids from building up and causing distractions in the water flow. There is no need to move the entire unit for removing the debris as there is a purge valve provided which will help in discharging the debris partially. The water flow is also controlled by the output nozzles which can work in multi directions.


Smart Pump Technology

The whole technology of Fluval FX5 External Canister filter provides an efficient filtering for the aquarium. The aquarium external filter pump is under continuous monitoring by the electronic circuit embedded in it. This is enabled by Smart Pump technology. The speed of the impeller is also continuously monitored. This will help in tracking the efficiency of the output. The pump is made to pause in between to prevent the air lock. There is a media tracking system too enabled inside it.


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Fluval FX5 External Filter

Fluval FX5 Filter Specifications:

  • Aquarium Capacity: 400 gallons  or 1,500 liters
  • Pump Output: 925 gallons/hour
  • Biological Volume: 1.5 gallons, 5.9 L
  • Filtration Volume: 5.28 gallons, 20 L
  • Filter Circulation: 563 gallons/hour
  • Head Height (max.): 10.8ft
  • Wattages 120V/60Hz: 50W


Fluval Aquarium Filter Reviews

Customers have always relied on the quality of aquarium external filter Fluval FX5 and the company has been receiving very good reviews about the product. The number of people who go for the product is also increasing day by day. The feedback of the buyers is seriously examined by the company and new features are added to rectify the demerits of the previous model. This has made more and more persons to choose the product.

One of the customers is saying:

“Some aquarium external filter can get an air lock when air gets trapped in the filter after a good cleaning. This air lock is a bit difficult to get rid of. I used to have such troubles with my previous aquarium filter. But, I have never had that problem with Fluval FX5 External Canister filter. If there is some air trapped in the filter after cleaning, it always works itself out quickly. I am now really happy with my aquarium external filter. As a consumer, I would say that this is simply the best filter I have ever used”, says Cliff David from Los Angeles, USA.



Aquarium External Filter Reliability

There have been many issues in the past regarding the reliability and genuinty of aquarium filters. People are always concerned and under doubt whether they can really trust a brand. A lot of scams are being reported nowadays. So, people ought to be more cautious while trusting a brand.

Fluval FX5 External Canister filter has developed its trust with its customers through years of delivering them with quality products. They are still able to maintain the quality as well as the trust of the customers. You can make sure about the reliability of the product through various methods.

  •  You can ask your friends or relatives who have already used aquarium external filter Fluval FX5 for a review of the product. This can be the most simple and trustworthy way of knowing about a product.
  •  You can also check online for the customer reviews written by Fluval FX5 users.
  • People have a notion that anything that is expensive will be of good quality.  But, it is not so always. Fluval FX5 is not a very cheap product but it is not expensive too. When a product is offered at a very cheap rate, you can be sure that it will be of poor quality. Fluval FX5 is provided to the customers at affordable prices.
  • If you are a technical person, you can check the specifications and features of the product to get a better idea about it. Or you can ask a technical person for their opinion about the features of Fluval FX5.
  • Certain aquarium external filters are banned in the country because of being scams. You can check the list of such filters in the internet before coming to a decision.

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Fluval FX5 External Canister filters are built for making your aquarium the perfect place for your turtles. This is a cent per cent genuine product that can provide maximum efficiency. The motto of the company is based on quality of the product and customer satisfaction. So, do not hesitate to buy the product when you hear the name of Fluval FX5 External Canister filters.





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  1. Maryann S. Mccall says:

    I’ve never had a clearer aquarium in my life. Set up was simple, the filter did not leak a drop thus far. Easy cleaning, some of the best water conditions I’ve ever been able to provide for our fish. Only con I can add is the dvd provided did not work on my computer (running xp) but was easily able to find a youTube video with set-up procedure. I got a better price here on amazon than an aquarium wholesaler nearby. I have a 55 gallon corner tank, and the filter is probably overkill, but others I know who use it on their 300 gallon tank said they’ve only had to replace media one time over a period of a year. Will vary, I’m sure, on media you use, and amount of fish (they had quite a few in theirs!) I’d reccommend this filter to anyone, 55 gallon on up, it will provide a stunning environment for your fish. Simply the easiest, most efficient cannister filter I’ve ever seen. Not to mention Quiet! Only sounds I hear from my aquarium is the soft sounds of bubbles from the water pump I use to enrich oxygen. If that is off, and the door is closed on the cabinet…silence.

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