Bog Turtle

bog turtleSome of the best turtles which you can acquire are smaller ones because not only are they harmless but they can also develop a smart personality the way a dog can and children love to be around them. You’re always in a better position by choosing to get a smaller turtle and then watch it grow than you would be by buying a larger one outright. Bog turtles are amazing small turtles because they can fit within the palm of your hand and look very cute.

The main reason why these turtles are called like that is due to the natural environment they’re found in – they prefer to stay in bogs, fresh water and they’re spread throughout the Northeastern and southern parts of the US. Some of their most distinguishable features are the yellow patches which can be found at the ear membrane and when it comes to the shell, they can be both brown and black.

It’s extremely rare that you find a Bog Turtle awake during the winter time regardless of the temperature surrounding it. The average Bog Turtle who has lived out a few years actually prefers to hibernate below water and does so buried deep within the mud. By nature these are small turtles hence they’ll either eat plants or smaller animals that are easy to catch.

You can feed a turtle of this kind a number of different insects, worms, green leafy vegetables and even snails. If you’re keeping more than one turtle you can expect them to start reproducing a couple of years into their life and they usually do so at the start of summer. After that the females will come out to the land and lay 2-3 eggs.

What’s interesting is that although it’s highly unlikely that a Bog Turtle outlives it’s keeper, if one has been taken care of properly it can certainly live up to a few decades. This is mainly dependant on the quality of nutrition, rest periods and similar external factors.

bog turtle hatchling

One of the main ways this turtle is similar to others is that it enjoys getting a lot of sunlight hence you’ll find the majority of them are concentrated in the southern states. Just about every reptile out there is dependent on the sun to maintain temperature and if your turtle is incapable of getting a lot of sun in between the spring and fall seasons, it’s unlikely that it’s going to make it through the winter.

The sun is also helpful when it comes to accelerating certain biological impulses such as the need to reproduce and Bog Turtles who get a lot of sun tend to incubate eggs faster. The bad news is that the numbers are ever decreasing due to deforestation and destruction of natural habitats which is why this turtle has been on the endangered species list for nearly 2 decades.

Another thing worthy of note is that although their numbers are in decline, these turtles are still hard to get a hold of because they spend so much time below water and buried in the mud.

bog turtle on the sun

If you plan on acquiring a Bog Turtle yourself or you already do so, you should do everything within your power to make sure it’s receiving the correct nutrition it’s in need of, that it has access to sunlight and decent housing. The reason why you should do it is because that way you’re basically helping out the entire species and protecting it from extinction.

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