Asian Box Turtle

asian box turtleAs the name indicates, Asian box Turtles come from Asia (The South Eastern part in particular) and they’re not as abundant as they used to be due to the human factor. They’re constantly being hunted down and killed for their meat which is popular throughout China and the regional countries hence protection is paramount.

Asian Box Turtles prefer to live out the majority of their lives in water and the younger ones which have that soft flesh are more commonly being searched for.

What you’ll find is common with turtles is that similarly to other animals out there – they can also have amazing personalities that resonate with how you’re feeling. Having a turtle of this kind can be similar to acquiring a dog because they’re usually smarter than we expect.

The main and most distinguishable feature of the Asian Box turtle is its ability to instantly box itself up altogether. It’s interesting just how well developed this mechanism is in an Asian Box Turtle because the turtle basically uses the lower shell to fold it up and this is how it remains secure from the reach of predators. The Asian Box turtle in particular is not that small and it’s not uncommon for people to find ones that are over 20 centimeters large.

When it comes to its upper shell it’s in black color and the lower shell has a range of colors which give it a fairly distinguishable look between other things such as black patches. Asian Box turtles have small heads which you’ll notice when they’re out can be either dark brown or yellow below as well as a couple of stripes.

They’re certainly more pleasant looking than a lot of other turtles people consider petting and their limbs are black as well. It’s actually hard to figure out which gender a particular Asian Box turtle is but generally speaking males will be smaller in size.

Taking Care Of Asian Box Turtles

Let’s say that you decide to keep one or two of these turtles – although you don’t have to get a permit or consult with government agencies the way you would with certain turtles near extinction, you still need to supply them with a large tank full of water.

If you buy yours at its youngest, you’ll only need a couple of gallons worth of water. Asian Box turtles enjoy spending a lot of time in water but it’s still wise to give them a land area so that they can switch between the two. As far as how deep the tank should be, consider a few inches to a couple at most.

One thing that is worthy of note with water is that you’ll have to maintain a certain cleanliness so that the turtles are safe. It’s wise to change that water as much as possible and make sure that it’s actually cool enough for them to live in. The reason why clean and filtered water is commonly recommended is because you want to ensure a decent supply of oxygen for the turtle.

asian box turtle

What About The Diet?

It’s important to point out that these turtles will feed on a number of different foods and not just a single type. For instance, they can eat smaller mice, warms, lettuce or even fruits and vegetables the way we do. It’s best if you’re in a position where you can afford to diversify their food intake so make sure you do everything to provide them with the necessary nutrition.

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